3 Things you can do to Dump Trump or At Least Get Heard…

I was all in favor of giving the President a chance. I read the Art of the Deal. Loved it! I watched The Apprentice, loved it! I visited Trump tower in New York and was awed by it. So while I didn’t vote for him I thought lets give the guy a chance. Most of my experiences with his brand had been very positive and some of his advice actually had worked for me in my career.

Within say 2 months I realized he hates me….he really really hates me. Well not just me, but anyone like me who lives in a Blue state, isn’t a rich White guy….key thing rich, White, and GUY. I am a middle class Black guy who lives in a light blue state.(Minnesota ain’t the bright blue paradise the media makes it out to be!) Oh he gives lip service to supporting the little guy, but not one policy save for a menial tax cut has actually benefited the middle and working classes.

Now I can’t save Red America. If they want to hurt themselves go right ahead. But Trump is now consciously hurting Blue states with the intention of hurting the economies and driving voters to him. NOW THAT IS AN ISSUE! He is trying to force taxes at the state level down to reduce quality of life such that talent will migrate to the Red states or better yet vote GOP. He is advocating policies that consciously hurt minorities and the poor in an effort to force them into a permanent underclass. And now he has the Attorney General negating the voting public on regulation of weed at the state level. (Don’t smoke but hey!!! States rights!!!)

Finally Steven Miller……that it…..just Steven Miller.

So how do we push back. How do we as regular folks make ourselves know to the point that the White House will actually see the threat, maybe, and respond, possibly. There are 3 things we can do.

Open a business in your community!

You were expecting me to open with get involved politically right? Wrong. Trump doesn’t understand or care about activists. Their pleas go in one ear and out the other. He DOES listen to business people. He extols the virtue of small businesses all the time in speeches and frankly in policy. To have say in your community open a business. It is amazing how politicians closely listen when they realize you create jobs, even if that job is your own, in the community. So start a business and when you write or speak with your representatives let them know you have small business, then address your grievances. Ironically, because of the mass incarceration rates Blacks in America have to create a hustle just to survive. I beg Black America, don’t hide your hustle. Your hustle is power….make use of it.

Contribute to both sides of the aisle.

I know right! This is crazy idea, but the wealthy and business community contribute to candidates on both sides of the aisle. In some cases, both candidates in a race…because money is voice and you want voice. Politicians take time to listen to people with a check in hand. But there is a way to do this people. Get a group of friends together and each person pitches in. So say you have 12 friends and each of you have a spouse. Each couple gives $200 to a central person who in the name of “friends of the purple people eaters” gives $1200 to each candidate in a race. No matter who wins you get influence because when you identify as a member of the group staff know who contributes…you will get face time or ….at least a photo. Photos are nice.

Get involved in interest groups that matter on BOTH SIDES!

Few people are hardcore left or right unless they are stupid. And folks there are a lot of stupid people in America. But the smart people generally have beliefs that fall on both sides both conservative and liberal. I am a fiscal conservative, but I believe that where we do spend money those policies should reflect a liberal worldview. So I may contribute to a right leaning budget interest group and to a group that advocates a broader welfare state. and safety net. Why? Because the non profit sector sucks at delivering services that is why!!

So, start a business. Contribute to all candidates on both side. And get involved in issues that matter. That is how the wealthy do it and you can see how effective this has been. So if you want to dump Trumps agenda….you gotta get up and do something effective. Now….go make some money to spread around!!!



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