Eric Pone

Nov 20, 2019

2 min read

Applying Intermittent Fasting Smartly!

A simple solution!

Losing Weight is Simple

Losing weight used to be for me a daunting problem. I looked like Grimace and felt bloated, tired, sore, and angry. I want to tell you that I tried a bunch of diets and none of them worked but I can’t. What I can say is Little Debbie and I had an intimate relationship.

Two years ago I got tired climbing the stairs after a fire drill. It was only for four floors! I had chest pain and I wanted to barf. I decided to devise a plan at that point to deal with this.

Step One Fasting

I started fasting well before it became popular on YouTube. For me it was simple. If I wasn’t eating I couldn’t gain weight. And I had the fat saved up to feed my body when I didn’t eat. I chose 23 hours of fasting and ate one meal a day. I didn’t deny myself the food I wanted but I simply could not eat the 4000 calories I needed to maintain my weight in one meal. I did this for one year. Yes, one year. And in the beginning, it sucked….bad. But I dropped from 420 pounds to 330 during this period.

Step Two movement and retraining

I currently utilize a 2 meal process. I fast from 8 am to 11am. I then eat a plant-based meal that can fit in a 2 cup plastic container. So think mostly kale, a little brown rice, and a small chicken thigh deboned. I use non-salt seasoning and I have stopped all caffeine. I will do this for three months then the fourth month add back the third meal in the morning for a week of pure protein. The goal is not to spike my sugars.

Step Three Move!

You don’t have to hit the gym for hours on end. I keep my routine simple. I walk half a mile to the bus stop. I walk around downtown for 15 minutes to 30 minutes during the day and walk home from the bus stop. Now I lift every day for 15 minutes. I do cable pull-based exercises and kettlebells for three sets of ten. It takes 15 minutes.

So what happened!

First I no longer take insulin! It is a great feeling. Second, I currently weigh 266 pounds since moving to step two in May. So I have been able to maintain my loss and force discipline.

So you can lose and keep it off. Remember to engage a doctor and preferably a pharmacist. Regular monitoring is important. Good Luck! More to come.

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