Spiritual but Asking

Eric Pone
2 min readNov 23, 2022
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A lot of folks are spiritual but not active believers. Seeking to know more about your world and spirituality is being an active seeker. Many people look at someone like Jesus and all kinds of negative come to mind.

I get that. We churchgoers haven’t been very loving, accepting, or available to answer basic questions about the faith.

In my 30s I was deeply engaged in ministry, but depressed, going to church several times a week, but hopeless. I left worship feeling judged and I was hard on myself enough.

One day I had enough. I sat down to read the Bible. I wanted to know whether the Jesus there matched the Jesus I was taught in Sunday School or Church.

He wasn’t…

He was funny, witty, didn’t try to know all the answers like a know it all, he had this way of looking at the world that was upside down. The least and marginalized should be treated first. The best thing the wealthy can do is to give it all away. That healing in your soul was not only possible but expected. I didn’t learn this in church.

So now as a pastor, I don’t teach this way.

It’s all about this gift of grace. God values you just as you are. We have all messed up dirt creatures God gets that. But everyone is capable of love. Everything starts with love. Nothing that you have done can separate you from God. Nothing. So how about giving God a deeper look? How about asking questions? I am here to be a guide.