The Village People in Your Gut Need HELP!!!

Won’t you save your Gut Biome!!

The Smurf Village is real and lives in your gut!!

Each of us inherits a happy village of bacteria called our gut microbiome from our parents. It’s a happy place where our little village of trillions of critters share food and they protect our thin membrane within the intestines from leaking toxins into our body that triggers inflammation. You see toxins lead to excess sugar which feeds the bad bacteria, who make sugar alcohols which get absorbed through the intestines which causes inflammation and fatty liver disease and leads…to the fat, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other maladies!! Your gut is lined with brain neurons and this system is linked with your brain.

Think of your car, it has an electrical system powered by the engine. Think of your the brain neurons in your gut like the alternator of your car. If the alternator goes you can start the car and drive it but it can’t store energy in the battery. (In this case of your body the mitochondria in your cells!) Eventually, your body runs down. The Smurf village is dead.

No Room for Old Sugar ….or Artificial?

A study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, indicated that two or more sodas per day regardless of the source of sweetener increased risk of death. Period. Et Tu Diet Dew? I don’t want to accept this. Let’s be clear as a diabetic I already have a lack of options now medicine is taking this away too? According to Dr Mark Hymen, diet soda doesn’t give you a drink all you want card. Contrary to what your dietitian says these liquids mess with the happy Smurf village of gut bacteria making their home in your intestines. The chemicals in artificial sweeteners also impact the performance of your brains chemistry. You see your nervous system has a rather large nerve call the vagus nerve AND you have a second brain in your gut that performs independently of your actual brain. And sugar both real and artificial negatively impacts this environment. For example, your liver begins to hoard fat in a way that resembles an alcoholics liver! You nervous systems natural satiation (IE I am full signals) get circumvented driving you to eat more calories when you don’t need them. Worse still the chemicals keep your body from absorbing the sugar for use and instead drives your body to store for later. You are literally starving yourself AND getting fatter! Now the bad bacteria have made themselves at home and they send chemical signals that drive cravings for….wait for it….more sugar, starches, and bad fats.

Take Back Your GUT!!

You can win the war of your gut though! There are five things you can do right now that will improve your gut biome.

1. Limit Antibiotic use!!

We all like to pop pills to get back to normal when we feel under the weather. And there are times when an antibiotic is critical in knocking back the bad bacteria. But the problem is most of the time its viral and viruses are NOT ALIVE. Therefore antibiotics are useless and in many cases harmful because they kill the good bacteria and the bad! So if you doctor advises against no antibiotics don’t force the issue. Your gut will thank you!

2. Limit sugar, real or artificial!!

Your body doesn’t know the difference and the science is still out on the negative effects of artificial sweeteners. Limit your intake to less than one can a day. If you absolutely need something to add tea or coffee. But good old ice water with some lemon or berries is just fine as well. I hate water. But I hate being sick and inflamed more.

3. Eat Good Fiber.

Eating lots of onions, garlic, bananas, and….whole grains (grains in moderation and minimally processed…they spike blood sugars!). Research indicates that these foods help to regulate the chemistry of the gut like PH. A happy house builds healthy happy bacteria!

4. Eat Vegetables.

You can never eat too many servings of vegetables. Try to add green leafy veg to every meal. It helps reduce inflammation. In fact, limit your meat intake initially to ensure that you get the full anti-inflammatory properties. I did this for a month and I lost the bulk of my gut using this coupled with intermittent fasting. Your plate should be more veg than meat or carbs. Keep it simple. You should also include probiotic foods. Yeah, you can take a pill or you can eat Kimchi, sauerkraut, yoghurt, kombucha, and fermented fermented veggies which are chock full of good bacteria. May I suggest eating your bacteria! Oh sure you can go to the store and buy the pill but nothing replaces real food and you don’t know if that pill is the yeast strain your body can’t tolerate. Just eat your bacteria.

5. Get Sleep.

Your body does most of its metabolic work overnight. I learned this using my continuous glucometer. Every night from 1–3 am my sugars spike. That is my body doing all the work of using the energy, repairing cells, and regulating my bodies chemistry. The less sleep you get, the less time your body has to repair itself. Your body, therefore, becomes like a teenagers car..dirty, disorganized, and full bad germs. Get 7–9 hours every single night. Make it a priority.

You can rebuild your gut biome and reduce inflammation. You deserve a happy village of bacteria in your gut!! Eat right, sleep, limit your use of antibiotics and limit sugar real or artificial. Happy health!

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