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Eric Pone Lay Associate Family Discipleship

Over the last year, I have been focused on preparing for seminary and preparing for my certification meeting with the District Committee on Ministry. I have read a lot of Wesley and a lot of what our denomination believes. …

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Let’s face it our republic has been tested in a way not seen since the Great Depression. There have been rumors that 20% of mainline congregations face closure. …

Won’t you save your Gut Biome!!

The Smurf Village is real and lives in your gut!!

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Each of us inherits a happy village of bacteria called our gut microbiome from our parents. It’s a happy place where our little village of trillions of critters share food and they protect our…

A simple solution!

Losing Weight is Simple

Losing weight used to be for me a daunting problem. I looked like Grimace and felt bloated, tired, sore, and angry. I want to tell you that I tried a bunch of diets and none of them worked but I can’t. …

And it's getting worse!

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I use to have a really low bar. A candidate that is able to defeat Trump. I thought Biden could do that but he clearly has lost 800 steps since Obama’s administration. So now the Democratic Party lacks a candidate that can beat Trump. The race…

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Or how the hens come home to roost!

Thomas Lambrecht, vice president of Good News, issued the following response to UMC Next Conference this week in Kansas:

“The 2019 General Conference was proof that there is an impasse within The United Methodist Church with two irreconcilable viewpoints. Good News is…

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Or how decades of US neglect created our own problem.

Why do people from Central America come here in droves? US neglect. All the countries are on the Heavily Indebted Country List, most get by on less than a dollar a day, the communities are extremely violent with gang warfare…

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Sometimes it sucks to stay

So the Traditionalists not only won the floor votes this week but added teeth. Christians that supported LGBT Christians were not welcomed. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Humbleness was left at home. …

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Unrepentant Discrimination in the United Methodist Church

In 2004 a structure was created by a so called “renewal movement” called Good News. If Good News means driving out minority voices that is. In lieu of writing a summary it is best that I just attach their own words below. Folks…

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I have been inundated lately with perspectives on the coming splitting of the United Methodist Church. It has always been my belief that organizations that are large tents tend to grow and those that are small tents, defined tents tend to wither and die. It is not that people love…

Eric Pone

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